Thursday, 8 November 2012

October freebies!

Participated and received 2 freebies this October BUT only 1 came... to me a genuine giveaway.

Dot2dot Love Beyond Sight from Tang's Art:

I was so happy to receive this Dot2dot Love Beyond Sight freebie from Tang's Art via snail mail! Beautifully designed, truly an unique card for the blind. Yes, it has Braille for the blind! Wonderful isn't it?! It is a huge milestone for Tang's Art which was why they did a giveaway. Thanks Tang's Art!

The next one was a limited edition bag charm from Elite Models Fragrances. Unfortunately, they were not a genuine lot. When I saw this advert in Facebook, I happily Sign Up to be eligible for the bag charm.
So glad to have received their email confirming my freebie!

Unfortunately, it was short-lived. Their email mentioned that I have to go to their office to collect it within a stipulated time-frame. The collection hour is the same as my working hours =.= How to collect? Hubby wanted to help me but last minute he can't make it, furthermore it's damn far! I sent them numerous emails and messaged to them in Facebook, hoping they could Poslaju it to me and I don't mind footing the Poslaju charge. Well, it went unanswered with only repetitive reminders from them in Facebook stating they will not Poslaju it to us in Klang Valley. They will only Poslaju to those who are outstation and asked us to refer to their T&C >.<

Honestly, I didn't click on their T&C so I didn't know about it. It was my mistake for not checking it out first.  How would I have known they are not genuinely giving out the freebies?! This is how I felt. Whoever came up with the giveaway mechanics was really duh and damn selfish! Totally speechless!

At long last, I had to forgo it as I can't be taking leave for a RM42.90 bag charm. Totally not worth it!

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