Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sweet September

A month filled with challenges, trying moments and endless negativity. However thanks to my lucky stars, prayers and opportunities, I managed to continuously move forward positively with lots of support from loved ones and BFFs. Thanks ya all! I feel so blessed with all your loving!

Nowadays I update all my memorable photos in Instagram as I just love the cool templates they have! You can have different effects according to your preference, so cool eh!
Minnie enjoying a good scruff ^.^

You can also follow me on Pinterest. I'll be publishing clothes and accessories I wear from my blogshop, Shop Sholee ^.^ 
Top: SS sweetie top, bottom: Rest & Relax shorts, acc: SS owl necklace, shoes: Elle
Top: SS all girls top, bottom: Giordano 3/4 corduroy, acc: SS crystal ring and bracelet, bag: MNG sling over
Top: SS top, bottom: from Singapore, acc: SS crystal bracelet
Top: SS peplum top, bottom: Giordano 3/4 corduroy, acc: SS crystal earring and bracelet

Some of you might have noticed that I have a new toy! Which explains the Instagram ^.^ as my HTC Wildfire is not compatible *slaps forehead* My belated birthday gift from Hubby... a Samsung Galaxy S2! Honestly, after having this phone... no more complaints from me LOL! Except for the battery life span though... well, God is great... nothing is perfect.

Last but not least, home-made red bean tong sui from my dear neighbour!

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