Thursday, 11 October 2012

MPOV: Restoran Sing Hiong Bah Kut Teh

We were in KL last Thursday night due to unavoidable circumstances. Once chore was done, dinner time! We were nearby Jalan Ipoh so Hubby detoured there since it is famous for local food. Also there were many BKT shops and we thought of one...
We have been here once, a long time ago, with a couple of good friends. Thankfully we can roughly gauge the outlook of the shop and found it, after rounding the area twice!

Saw this hungry dog roaming for food so fed her with our unfinished meat and bones which she happily gobbled down!

Soup was clear, non-oily and surprisingly tasty. Loved the many 'liu'/ ingredients including the 'kam cham ku'/ golden mushroom. The pork meat was tender and not drying with mushrooms and taufu. Totally enjoyed our dinner although ambiance was nothing fancy... sitting alongside the corridor of the shop, enjoying the cool breeze of the night.

Bill was RM28.20 inclusive of a pot of Chinese tea. Standard BKT price in KL... worthwhile...

Rating: 7/10

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