Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hideous humans

Lately I have been damn moody especially with the human beings here! So damn annoyed, pissed and angry with their bloody selfish, impertinent self! Honestly, I just don’t understand why they can’t behave like proper educated people with good manners. I assumed most were educated since we were all rushing to work in proper work attires. Every morning, waking up on a good foot with positive mind albeit body aches but once on the road to work, there will be bound to have idiots spoiling my mood.

For instance… today.

As usual, traffic jam from Elite to Kesas Highway (paid toll but still have to endure the traffic jam =.=) and then onto Sri Manja jam. Once hubby signaled right, you can always see the car quickly accelerated so as not to allow us to squeeze into their lane. Most of the time, we can see that somewhere along the way they actually wanted to go left. Then they will try to squeeze in front of us without signaling. Typical Malaysians. They don’t understand the purpose of using the signal. Or perhaps the signal bulb costs a lot so trying to extend the lifespan duh!

Upon reaching the Taman Jaya LRT, hubby will park by the roadside for me to alight. As there wasn't any bus, he stopped at the bus stop and so did other cars letting their passengers down. As I go to the back seat to retrieve my ‘rock’, this old man in a Volvo suddenly blaring his horn at us. He was on the main road and hogging another car behind. Honestly I had no idea why he did that. After hubby and other cars left, he took our parking and continued horning just because I was starring at his ugly attitude. Why this bad attitude? Coming from an old man summore! Hopefully the bus comes quickly and horn him back. A taste of his own medicine and serves him right! Too bad I wasn't around to enjoy the show *smirks*

Lo and behold, another bad chocolate was waiting for me. I guess it just has to come in 3’s! Out of 4 ticket machines, 2 broke down leaving only 2 working. 1 accepts everything where as the other only accepts exact fare. I was queuing at the everything machine as I had RM2 for RM1.60 fare. A mat salleh actually went for the exact fare machine with the exact fare for RM1.60. You know what happened? The coin slot was stuck... the mat salleh had to queue behind me since it doesn't accept coins even though it’s meant for exact fare. Way to go Rapid KL! Anyway, while queuing, the everything machine suddenly changed to NO NOTES!!! OMG! Why is this happening?! Even mat salleh was slowly getting annoyed! I guess someone must have noticed this and quickly opened another machine to accept everything since our queue was getting longer too! That was the only plus point which happened and thankfully, things were on a positive note after that *phew*

Well, to end the day, missed 3 RapidKL buses upon reaching the Asia Jaya LRT station and waited for a while when Metrobus 99 saved the day! Usually won't take this bus as it's crowded and me carrying my rock cum luggage is not a good option. Thankfully 2 came along so I took the one behind... still standing but no crushing nor squeezing here ^.^

I just don’t get it… why these people have to be such an idiotic, rude bastards early in the morning! Educated summore! The uneducated ones were more civilized, well-mannered and courteous. I just can't stand their hideous attitude anymore! Argh!!!

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