Monday, 29 October 2012

A short weekend with Angels

A delayed filler post ^.^

2 weekends ago, SIL and her hubby had a relative's wedding dinner to attend to. So they actually brought my Angels along! As Hubby has to attend it with them, we decided Princess should follow daddy and Tyger to follow mommy. 

Tyger was so kind and considerate, apart from playing his new toys, he accompanied and helped me manning my booth at Summit USJ flea market. Such a blissful weekend, if I might say, with both of them around! 
Tyger's new toy, thanks to Jacky and wife! He loved it so much!

Closing time... he insisted to carry my luggage!

Tyger and Princess enjoyed a few good runs, thanks to Remy (RC race track/cars owner)!
Can't wait for next month when they will be here for the long school holidays!!! I sure do miss them lots!

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