Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WTF fire drill?

To start on a good foot on Monday morning is very important as it will determined the week's mood and feel.

A simple equation... shitty Monday = shitty week *breath in, breath out* *think +ve* 

Unfortunately, yesterday morning was bad, totally sucks and I have been feeling pissed since. We have reached PJ State when we were suddenly stuck in a standstill after Assunta Hospital roundabout to Taman Jaya LRT station. Slowly inching forward, we thought there could be a very bad accident so we patiently moved forward. Upon passing by Menara MBPJ,  we saw many people standing around, taking pictures and lurking towards the PKNS building. Immediately, I told Hubby 'Don't tell me it's a fire drill!!!' It really looked the part as I have been through many fire drills. Lo and behold, IT WAS A FUCKING FIRE DRILL at PKNS building!!! 9AM Monday morning!!! So clever!!! We were totally pissed off!!! Upon reaching that last KM, they cordoned off the bloody road, not letting us pass through (FYI another 5 mins I would have reached the station) and redirected us back through the small lorong to the same jammed road on the other end. In the end, we had to quickly turned towards the roundabout and took a longer route to Federal Highway, heading to Asia Jaya LRT station instead. Really bloody stupid!!!

Totally speechless... wasted our petrol, time and $. I wonder on what circumstances their OSHE team or HR dept decided to conduct a fire drill on a Monday morning without proper planning and causing heavy traffic jam.

The last KM which has been cordoned off

Wasting water in the middle of nowhere

The staff enjoying their traffic jam view

The first view of people lepaking around

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