Friday, 14 September 2012

Will & Kate

I know it may sound lame to post this but I couldn't help it. When Will was young, I used to admire his good looks especially during my pregnancy with Tyger. Well, according to Chinese belief, I'm supposed to see all the beautiful things so that my baby will be as adorable and good looking too. Superstition or not I just went along with it *wide grin*

Many years down the road, along came Kate with her own style and class, stunningly beautiful... lucky Will since he has started balding! Anyway, I just loved her quiet elegance... really admire her classic confidence. So I was kinda miffed to have missed their KLCC Park outing this morning... have to work mah! Thankfully my friends were in the vicinity to snap and share some pix in Facebook ^.^

Taken by Sham
Taken by Rozana

Taken by Esther
Her dress by Beulah London. Stunning.

Then I got to know my bro Ryan had the opportunity to rub shoulders and shake hands with them:
I nearly fainted!

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