Wednesday, 8 August 2012

MPOV: Total Recall 2012

Douglas Quaid woke up from the same nightmare he has been having for the past few nights. His wife, Lori, tried to pacify him but received an urgent call from work. Their only means of transport to and from United Federation of Britain (UFB) and The Colony is via The Fall as the 2 countries are miles apart, separated by the vast chemical waste. Majority of the blue collar workers are staying at The Colony whereas the rich and famous are staying at UFB. Douglas is a factory worker, tired of his recurring nightmare and monotonous life, went to Rekall to implant some memories related to his nightmare. Before implanting, he was tested but failed and triggered the SWAT team to hunt him instead. Douglas defended himself and ran all the way back home to his wife. Instead of listening to him, Lori tried to kill Douglas instead! Finally revealing the truth which Douglas was unable to accept, Lori tried her best to kill him...

As I had just watched the old version recently, I couldn't help keep comparing it to this new version. Len Wiseman has only retained like 10% of the original version and revamped the whole movie! Totally action-packed and futuristic to the max! Just loved the whole futuristic version with totally cool technologies! Storyline definitely makes more sense and acceptable in current genre as compared to the old version. Even the casts were good and natural except for Kate Beckinsale. She somehow reminded me of her acting in Underworld with the same intense emotion.

7 thumbs up out of 10

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