Friday, 24 August 2012

MPOV: Kazu Sushi

Finally had the chance to eat Japanese! We tried this restaurant before stocking up ^.^

Tempura bento RM21

Salmon teriyaki bento RM19

Chicken teriyaki bento RM18

We ordered 2 bento's but eventually had to order a third one as they had a 'buy 2 free 1' promo! All bento's tasted good but a tad salty, probably too much soy sauce. Well, the soy sauce was overpowering at times. Thankfully it's fresh so it sort of made up for it. Ambiance wise, nice and romantic. Our total bill was RM48.40 inclusive of 2 Ocha's and 10% service charge. Overall it's a good buy with their 'buy 2 free 1' promo.

Location: Lot No. 3AF020, Kenanga Wholesale City

6 thumbs up out of 10
Spelling boo boo in the menu!

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