Thursday, 5 July 2012

Parent's Day Concert: Saturday

I have to split this post into 3 as there was something wrong with my Blogger/ pix, sigh!

Balik kampung during Father's Day weekend to be with my Angels and watched their performance for a Chinese Literacy Association's concert. As Hubby couldn't take the weekend off, I went back first by bus which I totally loath but had no choice. Thankfully it was a pleasant journey back, I guess you can say the bus drivers have improved their driving skills, even the Puduraya bus station looked clean and nice compared to many years ago. I know, it's been years since I've been here *wink*

When I spotted both Tyger and Princess at the back seat of FIL's car, I was esctatic! Of course no hugs and kisses until we reached home! Princess immediately gave me a belated Mother's Day card she made *hugs*

Just can't straighten this pix! Geez!
Believe it or not, both of them are wearing specs. Due to too much PC perhaps?
 So glad that MIL made her famous 'Bak Chang' (Meat dumplings)! <3

Yummylicious home-made bak chang!
 Saw this group of cats somewhere in the bushes...
Tyger actually made a Parent's Day present for both Hubby and I... he intended to give it to us when Hubby returned on Monday *patient* Unfortunately, I accidentally discovered it as he hid it behind these 2 beautiful cards they made *slaps forehead*
Of all things! Of course I'll pry and see these cards! Terbocor liao so I had to keep quiet until Hubby returned! LOL!

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