Tuesday, 3 July 2012

[MPOV] JoinMe -> Brave

Thanks to JoinMe - Food Review Malaysia, a cool new food review website, I've got 2 free GSC movie tickets!!! It was a blessing as I have not gotten any freebies in awhile now *sweat* Hubby decided we should watch something new hence decided on Brave since it's the newest of the lot then!

Movie started with Merida's day out with her parents in the woods. Her father, King Fergus, gave her a bow for her birthday to which her mother, Queen Elinor, disapproved as she is a princess. While retrieving her arrows in the woods, Merida lost her way but encountered some wisps which helped her back to her parents. However, a giant bear has followed her and attacked the family causing Fergus to lose his left leg while fighting the giant bear! Many years later, Merida has grown up with identical triplet brothers. One night, her mother told her about her betrothal to which she fully opposed. But she dutifully obliged until she found the loophole... the first-born of each clan is eligible to compete for her hand in marriage. All hell breaks loose during the competition when she actually competed for her own hand!

Honestly, a wonderful movie to watch, with funny yet scary story line although it's predictable at some point. I was laughing my ass off at some of the hilarious moments when I realized I was one of the only few who did *awkward* I guess most people watched without really listening to the conversation/ story. They were more into the graphics/ movements. Anyway, a worthy movie to watch, with many hidden messages of chivalry and not forgetting some cool moves.

7 thumbs up out of 10

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