Tuesday, 24 July 2012

MPOV: The Dark Knight Rises

The movie started with the people of Gotham City celebrating the 8th Harvey Dent’s day. Commissioner James Gordon tempted to reveal the truth during his speech but ended up keeping his notes and said otherwise, praising the Dent Act instead. During a party at Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne who has become a recluse accidentally discovered 1 of the maid, who was serving his dinner, checking out his hideout. He immediately noticed her wearing his mother’s pearls and attempted to retrieve it but was outwitted instead. He was intrigued and curious as she has managed to also retrieve his finger prints from the well-guarded safe. This has prompted Bruce to find out her identity while Alfred worrying over Bruce’s recluse and not afraid of dying manner. They had a fight with Alfred telling the truth about Rachel’s letter which he had burnt, prompting him to leave Wayne Manor. The more Bruce digs, the more he discovered, slowly but surely bringing Batman out of hiding and back to become the hero he is.

Finally! I was so over the moon when Hubby decided we should watch the last of this trilogy! I definitely had high expectation of this movie, especially since Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were GOOD! Alas, Christopher Nolan did not disappoint me… good story line, good action, good CGI! What more can I asked for? Some say the starting was kinda slow… to me it’s just nice… slowly but surely picking up the pace and hit the high notes at the end. Of course, Christian Bale is the most suited Batman comparing to the previous older versions. Anne Hathaway purred away my doubts and emerged a fantastic Catwoman! Tom Hardy and Marion Cotillard may look stiff at some point but the overall movie shone away from them. Not forgetting the beautiful Lamborghini and super cool Batmobile! Just loved it! A triumphant ending to a superb trilogy!

PS: I suspect there might be another movie about Robin.

9 thumbs up out of 10

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