Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Joyous July

I have to sound positive right since it's my birthday month ^.^

Anyway, pix galore again of the happenings in July...
Had banana leaf rice at Kanna Curry House but where is the banana leaf???
All the way from Hong Kong! Thanks Uncle Ben!
All the way from Bangkok! Thanks Boss!
I've never seen Marmite Rice Cakes before! Found it in Jaya Grocers
Sea salt from Jamie Oliver! Also found it at Jaya Grocers

Noticed what is wrong with this signage?
Saw 3 guys having lunch at the cool swing house which was peculiar as normally couples would opt for that
Clever Summit management closing the road passing thru the main entrance thus we can't wait for our transport to fetch us
We ended up having to wait at the main road which is unsafe especially for us women becoming easy prey... snatch thieves or kidnappers could be lurking there...
Noticed something projected onto the white door?
From the all new Samsung Galaxy beam!

Clever Chinese boy parked at the road exit, blocking other cars from exiting while he was enjoying his breakfast
Aaw! An adorable Shetland Sheepdog!
Last but not least, all the way from Bali! Thanks Rick! Anyway, I still felt sleepy after consuming it >.<

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