Monday, 23 July 2012


Someone shared this in Facebook so thought of sharing it here. I find it to be true:

Sorry can't credit anyone since it was not stated. Anyway, it is a good analysis :-)

This is especially true where I had a bad experience with some vendors at the flea market I was in recently. It has happened before with different vendors. The main reason why we are participating in a flea market or bazaar is to earn some side income. So when someone did something unethical, I feel, somehow spoils the Feng Shui and causes us to earn less to nil, we will feel irritated. However, they do not think nor realized their way of doing things were actually impacting others badly. Btw, they were trying to divert customers to their booth while giving out pamphlets in front of my booth which in turned making the customers to quickly walked away for some. I don't mind if they had stand on their side to hand out and attract but not at my path. It felt as though they were the only ones who are in need of business whereas we are not and just passing our time there. It is disappointing and what can I do but to feel low and down. I know some may not liked my cold behavior towards them but I can't help it especially when business was bad. How would they have felt if we switch roles?

If I was being paranoid or sensitive then how can you explain this. When they stopped, I finally had some sales. Go figure.

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