Thursday, 26 July 2012

Calm, cool, collected

My new motto: calm, cool, collected

Trying to stay calm and positive, cool and level headed, collected and relaxed mood.

Finally, I've reached the BIG FOUR O! Phew!

Yeap, recently celebrated my birthday in a low key manner, no big bang theory here... and to reminisce... here are some pix...

My dearest BFF, Joyce, was kind to treat me to a wonderful Western dinner @ Restoran TJ Haus, Subang Jaya the night before my birthday. I really enjoyed our night out even though I had a ruse of tummy ache. This place is fantastic with friendly staff and warm ambiance. Even the toilet was damn clean with nice smell leh! I was impressed!

After dinner, we headed to Chilla Cup @ Subang Avenue to wait for Hubby to collect me. Another treat, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows... yumzzz 
Not forgetting a wonderful birthday gift! I was so flabbergasted! Joyce, thank you so much for such a memorable night!

The next day, Mom's treat! Pedicure @ Lisa Beauty, Summit USJ Mall!!! Thanks Mom!!! I was contemplating among these colours...

In the end, I chose teal ^.^

Hubby, on the other hand, cooked a fantastic maggi mee goreng with loads of prawns with love... for me *gushing with love*

Last but not least, a Japanese treat from Ann @ Sushi King, Jaya One!!! We waited for the RM2 bonanza which was definitely worth it! Eric joined us so you can imagined the amount of sushi's consumed! The pix is the evidence LOL!

My favourite cookies of all time! Eric surprised me with this... thanks bro!

A birthday gift from Ann... I was so touched! Thanks so much Ann for everything!!! So sad you had to miss the smoked salmon *sob*

All in all, I had a blast! Even though low key, I enjoyed every single moment of it with my dear friends and loved ones, even my Angels SMS me a birthday wish with love *hugs*! Loved the attention, thoughtful gestures and memorable laughter's! Not forgetting, even my bro Christopher renewed my domain name as a birthday gift for me!

Thank you again all! Anyway, it's not everyday I turned 40 *blinking*

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