Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rain in da house!

We've been coming home lately to the smell of moist, musk and mushroom. An unfortunate event that costs our furniture, electricity, water and hard labour. In fact, I am beginning to think that this house seems to attract a disaster yearly.

We came home after work last Saturday night to a dark house. I got worried, thinking another robbery. Fortunately, it wasn't. Unfortunately, hubby noticed some water running through the porch from inside the house. Upon opening the door, it was 'raining' from upstairs! Lo and behold, my sitting room was flooded! We can't switch on any lights as somewhere has short-circuited. After waddling through the shallow water, we found the torch light and managed to inspect the damages including switching on the lights, avoiding the spoilt ones. It was pretty bad. We quickly turned off the main water tank to stop the spilling and flooding. After that, with broom and mop, we worked our way to sweeping and moping the water away. By the time we managed to finish with the rain stopped, it was 1 am upon which we finally took our very late dinner. Sigh!

Took leave today to clean up some of the mess as I had flea market on Sunday and meeting on Monday. Did 5 laundries so far... another 3 to 4 more to go which I'm leaving it for the next few days. Wiped, cleaned, dried the mess. Damn tiring! Thank goodness the weather was good to me. All my laundries, mattresses and pillows were dried in timely manner!

Anyway, some of the damages which I've managed to snap... some of my laundries... even got stained from excessive wetness....

Some of my damaged wardrobe and cupboards :-(

Princess' bed looked normal but it was actually drenched wet, the worst among all our beds
Point of origin

Wished it was raining men instead! I am wondering if I can bill Syabas for all the damages as it was partly due to the inconsistent water pressure that actually popped my water tank to breakdown. Of course they will never admit it anyway... now we have to always monitor the water pressure and ensure that the water tank's faucet is lock whenever we leave the house. What a week!

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