Wednesday, 13 June 2012

MPOV: The Lady

In 1947, when Aung San Suu Kyi is two years old, her father Aung San leads Burma to independence. But soon afterwards, on 19 July 1947, he along with a group of his colleagues is assassinated by a military death squad.

As an adult she goes to England, finds a loving husband and has a happy family life. But in 1988 her mother's poor health forces her to return to Burma where her father, Aung San, is still widely remembered.

When she visits her mother in the hospital in 1988, she meets many of the people were wounded during the Tatmadaw's crackdown in the 8888 Uprising. She realises that political change is needed in Burma and is soon drawn into the movement to promote reform. She accepts the role of icon in support of self-determination by the Burmese people and devotes herself to activities in support of goals of greater political freedoms.

Suu Kyi founds a political party and clearly wins the 1990 elections. However, the Burmese military refuse to accept the result of the election and moved to bring Suu Kyi under control. She and her family became separated when her husband and children were banned from Burma and she was put under a house arrest for more than a decade. Yet their relentless struggling for Suu Kyi's recognition outside Burma is her guarantee she won't be forgotten and cannot disappear unnoticed.

Due to her family's efforts, she becomes the first woman in Asia to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet their separation continues because neither can Suu Kyi attend the ceremony nor can her husband Michael Aris see her one last time before his early death

The above taken from Wikipedia.

If you are not into drama or auto-biography then you should forgo this movie. It looks at the life of Aung San Suu Kyi, when she first started to be involved in politics, her family who fully supported her decision especially her husband. It did felt like a love story as it involved her relationship with her husband mostly, her rock and mentor. It was sad when he couldn't see her one last time before his untimely death but I felt that she should have gone to his death bed as she can still fight for her people outside of Burma, not necessary inside the country. Anyway, this is just my thought.

7 thumbs up out of 10

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