Tuesday, 5 June 2012

MPOV: Chronicle

Seattle teenager Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) starts videotaping his life. At home, his mother Karen (Bo Petersen) is slowly dying from cancer and his alcoholic father Richard (Michael Kelly) verbally and physically abuses him. At school, Andrew is unpopular and frequently bullied.

Andrew's cousin Matt (Alex Russell) invites him to a rave to help him meet people, but Andrew's filming angers an attendee and Andrew leaves the rave, despondent. Approached outside by Steve (Michael B. Jordan), a popular student, Andrew is persuaded to join him and Matt and record something strange the pair of them have found in the woods nearby: a hole in the ground that emits a loud strange noise. The three enter the hole and discover a large crystalline object glowing blue. As Andrew records, the object glows red and the group is stricken by nosebleeds and pain. The camera cuts out. Weeks later Andrew records himself, Matt, and Steve as they display telekinetic abilities, able to move objects with their minds, but bleeding from their noses when they overexert themselves. They return to the hole, but find that it has collapsed and that the sheriff's department is sealing off the area for safety.

As their abilities continue to grow more powerful, Matt theorizes that their abilities function like a muscle, becoming stronger with use. The three boys develop a close friendship and begin employing their abilities to play pranks. However, after Andrew pushes a rude motorist off the road and into a river, Matt insists that they restrict the use of their powers, particularly against living creatures. The three later discover that they can use their powers to fly and revel in the experience. They agree to fly around the world together after graduation, with Andrew expressing an interest in visiting Tibet because of its peaceful nature.
The above taken from Wikipedia.

An odd and giddy movie... very uncomfortable to watch, giving me headache, eye ache, etc...
Apparently many rave reviews of this movie but I guess it is not my cup of tea. Totally didn't enjoy it and the storyline makes no sense... perhaps my head was spinning thus causing my ability to understand the story to zero.

4 thumbs up out of 10

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