Monday, 4 June 2012

MPOV: 3 X Trouble 《行X踏错》

In "3x Trouble" a night market is a place full of people, buying, selling and bustling around. Hai, Tian and San are good friends, where Hai sells pirated DVDs, Tian sells lingerie and San is a deliveryman for an electrical shop. One day, an announcement to demolish the night market to build a new mall threatens the income of the retailers, therefore Hai, Tian and San make a decision that will forever change their lives.

In real life, as human beings, it is really hard for us to make jokes during the difficult times. However, as a filmmaker, they are different from us. These people have the ability to make us laugh despite the harsh realities of life, which is why we watch their films, and Hong Kong director Patrick Yau's new dark comedy "3x Trouble" is exactly that.

"3x Trouble" is a close-to-your heart movie that leads you to a wild ride through the rough and hilarious journey of three close friends, Tian (Rynn Lim), a cowardly night market lingerie hawker, Hai (Jack Lim), a illegal DVD seller, and San, a kind electrical van driver. Due to a bad decision, the three friends are soon involved in a crime involving a mysterious woman (Landy Wen), and the trio now has to try everything they can to protect their loved ones from the numerous threats caused by a cold-blooded professional killer (Andrew Tan).

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A comedy with a dark twist to the story… making it unusual and unique for a local production. The more I watched, the more I find it weird. At some point, it felt scary and surprisingly surreal. An unexpected ending, the movie itself was filled with civic-conscious lessons which was worth watching.

7 thumbs up out of 10

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