Thursday, 24 May 2012

Singapore: last day

At last, the last day of our trip which I dreaded... was wishing for it to disappear. Even mom wasn't looking forward to it. We had a hard time trying to pack everything into 2 luggage and 2 hand-carries. In the end, we had to cut out some not-too-important stuffs which sis could bring back the next round. Even that summed up into a big bag! Good luck sis *wink*
We actually woke up early for breakfast near sis' flat

After breakfast, we showered and packed, heading to the hotel to deposit our luggage before going to Suntec City for a short window-shopping.
Fountain of Wealth @ Suntec City

We had lunch here which sis highly recommends for Japanese udons

I can't remember the names but it was totally yummylicious with healthy broth!
Coolicious green tea ice-cream!

 Our coach was on time... waiting to ferry us back to KL :-(
It was a fun-filled, exciting, enthralling yet too short work-holiday! I really wished it was longer... more mom-sis bonding time... perhaps in the near future. Sis understood my sad situation and sponsored most of my purchases. Well, some of it was for her favourite nephew and niece (me Angels) *wink*. She even gave me my be-early birthday gifts which I totally adored!!!

I just loved this Howard's Storage birthday gift sis gave me! All my skincare and make-up in a cool acrylic box!
Our wish for now... we are hoping we could bring Tyger and Princess to visit sis during the school holidays end of this year *fingers crossed*!!!

Sis, thanks for everything! I love you!

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