Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Singapore: day 3

Day 3 was a relaxing one... more of shopping... walking... and picture taking...
Our target: Chinatown and Vivo City

We had lunch at People's Park Centre. As there were too many choices, mom and I ended up choosing the stall with the longest queue
Apparently this wanton noodle is famous
It was good, comparable to the ones in KL. The bowls were kinda unique though

The famous Koi Cafe to quench the thirst. The queue was long too for some yummy milk tea
It was a hot day and our hands were full with our loots! We headed to Vivo City to meet up with 6th uncle and family for dinner. Although tiring, it was an interesting family bonding which I'll always treasure. Haven't had a good chat with 6th uncle in a long time. In fact, we were closed to him when we were young as our age gap was near. It was an interesting day indeed and I couldn't believe our holiday was ending. See how time flies when we were enjoying it. I wished time will slow down...

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