Thursday, 17 May 2012

Singapore: day 2

Our duty started on day 2 hence not many pix taken *grinning* After breakfast, we took the MRT to our first destination of the day. Task of the day: Serangoon Nex Shopping Centre and Ikea *wink*
I found my heaven! Bought this at NTUC FairPrice... so far I have not seen this in Malaysia *bliss*
Had breakfast at the food court near my sis' flat, it was yummy!

  Saw this beautiful landscape at Serangoon Nex Shopping Centre

Me, mom and sis

After a tiring household shopping of standing mirrors, hooks and nooks, we rushed back in time for dinner with cousin Jino and family near sis' flat as they wanted to check out her new pad. Unfortunately, the only pix I took was the menu as I was just too tired and famished. Once food came, I was pouncing hungrily LOL!
Thankfully, with effective public transport, we were able to buy many stuff and brought it home in 1 piece. Imagined we had 2 pieces of 5 feet standing mirrors with many bags of stuffs and we were able to get a MPV cab to ferry everything and us back! That will never happened in Malaysia! Total respect to the public transports in Singapore! *applause* Anyway, a tired yet productive day, indeed.

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