Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Singapore: day 1

I was in Singapore recently for a short 'work' holiday with Mom, visiting my sis who has just shifted to a newly bought HDB flat. The actual agenda was supposed to help her finished her cleaning, shifting and shopping for her new home. In short, 'kuli' LOL! Well, food and lodging were fully provided by her for our inevitable assistance which was a blessing and worthy ^.^ As I do have loads of pix to share, I'm dividing it into 4 posts, based on the days there.

Day 1, left Holiday Villa around 11am:

First time taking a coach to Singapore, was kinda scared with so many news of rogue bus drivers. Thankfully bus driver drove at an acceptable speed with care ^.^

I was surprised they provided H2O and tidbit
I even have my own TV screen which was cool! I know, jakun me

Lunch break at R&R Pagoh - unusual ayam penyet with awesome sambal!

Finally...Singapore!!! We reached around 4pm...

A Hybrid Taxi!!!

After settling in at sis' new place, we headed to Compass Point Shopping Centre at Sengkang. We had dinner at Soup Restaurant, 1 of sis' favourite. Unfortunately, I can't remember the names of dishes *grinning*
Soup Restaurant @ Compass Point Shopping Centre, Sengkang


The meat was tender and juicy... nice even on it's own without the sauce or salad

Cool pottery

Soup of the day

This is a really nice dish, a first for me and it tantalizes my tastebud... lovely century eggs with salted eggs and vege

After dinner, we walked around the mall and spotted this so thought of giving it a try...
Attractive poster

What I liked about the bakery was all the buns were pre-packed in plastic bags, hygenic for sure...
That concludes day 1, an easy Saturday upon arrival ^.^

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