Thursday, 3 May 2012

MPOV: Kedai Kopi & Makanan Kum Chuan

This restaurant used to be famous for it's fried kueh teow but time has changed it's course. Now the owners are selling drinks alone and has rented out the stalls to others. Thankfully, the stalls are serving good food which explains the crowded restaurant, even in the morning for breakfast.

It was my first time here after the change with Hubby and Mom for breakfast. Honestly, haven't been here in ages! Mom and I tried dried wan tan mee and it was surprisingly tasteful albeit plain looking. The noodle was good enough to be eaten alone, even without the char siew nor wan tan. Something in the sauce that made it exceptionally tasty. The wan tan and char siew fared averagely though.

Hubby had curry noodle which he claimed was as good, no pix here as he was busy chowing it down ^.^ Drinks wise was a tad too sweet for me. Must remember to instruct them to tone it down whilst ordering the next time. Cost wise, unfortunately, I didn't pay attention when Hubby paid as I was busy eating *blushing* I know for sure it would not cost more than RM5 a plate as I remembered it was cost-worthy.

I definitely enjoyed the laid back, cooling atmosphere of the small restaurant. Just like the olden days minus the busy highway *grinning* Many uncles and aunties here, after their morning walks or exercise, for their morning cuppa or breakfast.

Location: corner lot, Jalan SS13/1, Subang Jaya (row of flats, just next to A&W @ 3K Inn)

7 thumbs up out of 10

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