Friday, 11 May 2012

MPOV: Battleship

A press conference kicked start the movie with a scientist explaining what Beacon International Project was all about. On another scene, Alex Hopper was celebrating his birthday with his Navy brother, Stone. After a round of nagging from Stone (as Alex is an irresponsible person), Alex spotted a hot girl at the bar counter, approached her and promised to get her a chicken burrito. He inadvertently climbed into the convenient store opposite the bar which was closed, to get the burrito for her. Unfortunately, he got tasered for it as the police tried to take him in while he kept running to pass the burrito to her.

Few years later, Alex is in the Navy, after Stone ordered him to, and dating the burrito girl, Sam. It was RIMPAC in Hawaii and Alex is still his own reckless, arrogant self, even though he’s one of the best Navy officers. During a training stint in the ocean, a spectacular event happened; Beacon Project has finally made progress and 5 weird objects were found zooming through the Earth’s atmosphere. 1 crash landed in Hong Kong, causing a catastrophe. The remaining 4 crash landed in the ocean, nearby the Navy training ground. Alex and 2 more officers ventured in a small boat to explore upon discovering the odd objects. As Alex was checking out the object up close, he accidentally activated a force field. They were cut off from the outside world, losing all communications, trapped within the force field! They had to start their battle to save themselves and also Earth without knowing what had dropped upon them.

Only 3 words… Damn… Fcuking… Awesome!!!

Storyline may be a little predictable but the pace was just right. It kept me on my toes, fully concentrating on the movie and was nail–biting towards the end! The CGI was fantastic, so realistic although there were 1 or 2 not so perfect ones. Castings were great especially the lead, Taylor Kitsch! *dreamy sigh*I have not watched John Carter so I have not heard of him. Once he cut his hair short, it was ooh la la! Anyway, I was impressed Rihanna can act! She’s such a natural as Cora Raikes. Definitely a movie worth watching in the cinema with all the super cool sound effects and big screen!

9 thumbs up out of 10

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