Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy birthday sis!

My sis is one of a kind. She had been independant since young, working part-time while schooling and finally going to Singapore to work on her own. I totally respect her for that as she did everything on her own. I am not as brave or courageous as her. She has recently gotten the citizenship and a place of her own, thus we will definitely be seeing less of her in Malaysia.

Although I seldom speak to her, I do miss her, as it would have been nice to have someone close to share with or to talk to without any barriers, no holds barred ^.^ Even Angels adored her especially Christmas time... yes, you guessed it right... PRESENTS!!! She's always spoiling them! LOL!

Anyways, a very happy birthday to my dear sis... may you be pretty and young always! Many happy returns of the day! Hope you had a blast!

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