Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I was recently invited to try this cool diet/ fitness app but didn't have the time until today, since it is a Public Holiday, thanks to the new Agong ^.^

I've never been serious about diet or fitness thus I was definitely clueless about this. Looking at the dashboard after signing up, I honestly didn't know what I should do. Luckily this app is really user friendly with many help/ guide throughout my surfing so it is totally cool.
SlimKicker is a health app where you can either diet or stay fit healthily through motivation. Motivation meaning living healthy with winnable games and small victories like a RPG game. Cool right?!

Every time you eat something healthy like vegetables, you earn some points. Each time you complete a workout, you earn some points. Each level will have different challenges for you to achieve and these challenges will help you 'level up' once you achieve it. The whole idea is to create a holistic game so that you will rely less on willpower but more on fun and achievements aka motivation. Usually, you will tend to be more lazy through willpower and you could end up not doing it anymore. Game wise, you will be more addictive, more prone to continue and achieving the challenges set.
SlimKicker's goals
It is currently available via the web and iPhone app store. I'm currently waiting for the Android version so that I can continue using it seamlessly. My only thought was to add a 'calories calculator' since not every food we take has the measurement available. Sorry if this sounds stupid as I'm totally clueless about all this! Btw, this is my goal:

Quick, try it out now! 

Christine, thanks for introducing me to this cool app of yours!

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