Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MPOV: Vinnie Cafe

Hidden in a corner on Level 3 Summit USJ, Vinnie Cafe is the only cafe serving Chinese food as the rest was serving either Malay or western type of food on that floor. 
My order: Sweet and sour fish with rice and teh tarik
My late lunch was fulfilling albeit a tangy of sourness with thinly sliced fishes... tasted the frying powder more though. Also don't expect the Mamak type of teh tarik ya as this is a Chinese cafe thus serving 3 in 1 drinks. Honestly, it felt like a McD but Chinese version. Order, food served, eat and leave. Nothing more, nothing less. For a quick meal, this is the place to go to but please don't have a high expectation ya...
No pork served

Simple decors

My bill was RM8.50 which was average for a simple meal in a simple cafe. They do serve set lunches but I opt for ala carte, simply because I wanted a smaller meal. The set lunch was a lot! The lady boss was friendly too so it made the simple meal more pleasant. In fact, she was managing the cafe from cashier to waitress to the kitchen!

Location: Lot 3-57, 3rd floor, Summit USJ (next to Song Box)
Note: no pork, no lard. Business close by 5pm daily

6 thumbs up out of 10

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