Monday, 16 April 2012

Dancing dog

Recently, I have read in the newspaper that there is a law written but not enforced from the 60's about leashing our dogs. Our dogs were supposed to be leashed at least a certain length away from the postbox or postman has the right not to post the letters. After a repetitive few times with warnings, postman has the right to stop sending the letters to us. While reading this article, I found it funny yet offensive. It is so obvious that they have a very distinct dislike for dogs. Honestly, if you don't provoke them, these dogs will not bite you. Yes, it is in their nature to bark especially at strangers so just ignore them! My personal experience... my Minnie was barking at the postman, and instead of just dropping the letters, he shouted at my dog while showing his fist. Minnie barked louder naturally after this. On another incident, a TNB worker actually had the urge to hit my Minnie with a wrench. Erm... she saw a total stranger entering neighbour's house so she should bark right? Who is instigating here? The dog? NO as it is in their nature to bark at strangers! WTF! Just because cats don't bark doesn't mean that they are not a nuisance. Cats love to poo at other people's house which is why I have converted my lawn to tiles, no sand nor grass. I dislike cats due to previous bad experiences but you don't see me chasing them with a wrench! Grrr... enough of pissed thoughts and annoyance...

Anyway, I saw this cool clip on British Got Talent 2012 and my heart totally melt! I wished Minnie is as intelligent as Pudsey!

Totally <3 Pudsey!

Tips from Mom: Whenever you passed by a barking dog, make sure to make a distinct sound so that he or she will recognize you. After a few times, they will stop barking at you. Tested and proven by moi!

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