Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Brown sugar + ginger tea

Something my lady boss shared with me, not sure how true is this, gonna try it though:

> Ladies, pls take note. Guys, pls let yr partner know…
黑糖薑茶 (女人一定要看,男人就寄給你的女性朋友吧!)
醫,均束手無策。病看不好,花錢受罪,一氣之下,乾脆不理他了。 後來祖母教我在月經來時,不妨用黑糖和老薑煮水喝喝看,她特別強調多喝無害,黑糖能活血,
然頭痛也消失了,比吃藥還有效呢!黑糖和老薑不但能治病,在寒冷的冬天喝上一碗,渾身冒汗、舒暢無比,這種偏方花錢少,又無副作用,何妨試試! 黑糖紅豆
> Brown sugar + Ginger Tea
> When I was young, I was easily to get cold & running nose. My mother will cook old ginger & brown sugar tea for me to drink. It tasted sweet & a
> little bit spicy. After drinking this tea and cover with a blanket it made me sweat and cure my cold & running nose. Every year I born a baby and
> even there was one year I born a twin. Due to too frequent on delivered baby, my health was badly affected. I always feel dizziness. Every month
> during my menstrual, I feel headache, stomachache and my menses volume was large and the period was long from 10days to 2 weeks. I seek for
> Western doctor & Chinese Physician’s advices but it does not help so I tend to give up & let it be. After that I grandmother ask me to try for old
> ginger & brown sugar tea. She emphasize that its harmless if drink more because brown sugar help blood circulation and old ginger will warm up our
> body.. Traditionally confinement lady should drink a little bit of brown sugar water. I take my grandmother’s words and during my menstrual period
> I drink a lot of old ginger & brown sugar tea. Out of my expectation, my stomachache was reduces, my menses volume & headache also reduces, it was
> more effective than taking medicine. Ginger & brown sugar tea also can be drinks during cold winter which help to kept us sweat & warm. It was
> cheap & does not have any side effect. Why not try it. ** For ladies, during your menstrual period you can try for Brown Sugar Red bean soup,
> brown sugar help for blood circulation and red bean recover for your blood loss. Drinks this brown sugar red bean soup during & after your
> menstrual period it help to smooth your period & reduce pain. This is better than taking medicine as it does not have any side effect and was
> cheap.

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