Monday, 23 April 2012

Bad situation

This week was supposed to be a relaxing week for us. We were supposed to be else where with beautiful landscape and mesmerizing scenery. Unfortunately, bad financial situation has cancelled our plan and we were forced to forgo our planned escape. Bye bye to our plane tickets, bought early last year... not sure if it can be fully refunded. Honestly, a wrong move to have purchased way early just because of the free and cheap fare... now have to let it burnt which is much worst! Who would have thought our financial situation didn't improve? Moreover, we have never cancelled a flight before... so praying hard that it can be refunded. Money refunded would definitely help our bad situation now... sigh!

Totally missed my Angels too, been more than a month now not being able to balik kampung. What can I say? Just pray and hope for the best, that our situation will be better. Not easy to be positive but it is so damn easy to be negative! Those negativity kept biting back and hard! Thankfully I do have a handful of friends who cared for me, always giving me positive vibes... be it directly or indirectly. Not forgetting Mom, she's my pillar of strength! I do feel blessed too, even by just talking to my Angels, although not able to hug or kiss them *imaginary hugs and kisses*

Praying hard for a better tomorrow... perhaps a small windfall would definitely help our situation *fingers crossed* *wishful thinking* Amen!

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