Monday, 2 April 2012

Another March moment

My dear memory card had died on me, leaving a void in my momentous March. I seldom bring my camera along, especially during work, so I do rely on my Wildfire a lot for any impromptu pix. I thought I have lost it all as Hubby tried to salvage it but, somehow, it has been resisting it. Thankfully my colleague, Pat, managed to recover some, if not all, of the pix phew! So here it is…

First time tasting this wonderful salted chicken which turned out to be herbal chicken to me. It is apparently famous from Ipoh:

We had a nice dinner @ Paris with sis in law Rosie, her daughter Mimi, niece in law Melissa and her fiancé Neoh:

Neoh, thanks for the sumptuous dinner!

Saw this at the foodcourt in KL Sentral, wondered what sauce this is:

If only I had my camera with me then… just loved this pix, it's perspective:

Fashion fad for badminton, found it amusing:

My colleague, Nicole, has a weird taste bud:

This person was so ignorant that this is McDonald's and not his own house. He got the cheek to have his own tupperware lunch while surfing net (could be utilizing McD's free WiFi):

A huge bug's life:

Last but not least, a shop in Tropicana City Mall with the same name as my dear friend's (for a moment I thought it was her shop):

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