Friday, 16 March 2012


Joyce shared this with me, not sure how true it is though but so far it has been accurate ^.^


Anyway, back to Pinterest. I recently come across this cool pinboard where anyone can just upload and share stuffs or pix of interests. To me, it’s like flicker + twitter *grinning* So, I wanted to check it out but surprised that I have to get an invite from them o.O It does felt like an exclusive club ya… so when I do received an email from them, I was excited *proud* Unfortunately, it felt like cold water splashing on me after reading it =.=


Darn! I still have to wait… I wonder for how long *thinking*

Updated 18th March 2012:

I have just received my invite yesterday!!! Yay!!!

pinterest invite

My pinterest id is sholee68 ^.^

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