Monday, 12 March 2012

Identity crisis


This crisis was brought about by work and not personal identity. With this new JD that I have, I am more confused than ever as it was not pre-defined properly and more of a ‘rojak’ role, everything dumped into 1. I was supposed to do A but somehow B crept in and needed to be done. I thought B was supposed to be done by someone else but I was wrong. The process flow that I had created was also wrong. Now I have to do A and B, including some old tasks of C. I am a multi-skilled person but you can’t just expect someone to have multiple JD’s and without a proper goal. I guess the end result points to 1 for all 3 roles in this instance but I just find it a little unfair. Especially since I’m not a technical person but I was expected to do B which required someone with Computer Science background. It made me more confused. No wonder, no one respected my role as A in meetings as I was also doing B. Either way, to get the work done is no easy feat especially since I have a ‘rojak’ role. Sigh!

I just hoped for the best, as long as I did my level best. I know, better stop complaining and get the job done. But at times, I just can’t help it. I am also human, I have my limits too. Need to look at the bigger picture… look further into the future. My future.

My future? Falling sick is not an option now since I’m also pushing for more sales for my blogshop. Unfortunately, I’ve caught the sick bug, been having flu and sore-throat the past few days. Damn! Need to have a stable and secure business to carry on as I can’t be working forever. Trying to be more active, participating in more bazaars and flea markets. Trying my level best to rake in more sales with more marketing and promotions. Hopefully I will succeed, with God’s blessing, able to open a shop and continue towards e-commerce. Amen.

P/S was rotting on the sofa, watching Glee season 2 while ranting with the mind full of meds over the weekend. Finally publishing it today =.=

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