Monday, 20 February 2012


Weekends nowadays consist of sewing, cooking and TV series, aside from the usual house chores. It is, honestly, therapeutic and fulfilling, compared to window-shopping or loafing around. Staying home is the best remedy, especially since on a tight budget, also catching up on old stuffs, spending more time with Minnie and, of course, saving more $$$. I get to complete my old sewing projects! But, alas, my Angels have grown up on me >.< perhaps need to sell it off then. Glee has reached Season 3 and I’m trying to catch up, just reached Season 2. Can’t wait for Hair Battle Spectacular Finale coming Sunday!!! Tuning into The Voice, ahem, especially Adam Levine. Need I say more??? Digging out my books too… Sophie Kinsella, Stephanie Meyer, Patricia Cornwell, Nicholas Sparks… they have been waiting for me for years! So many to read up!!! I’ve been brushing up my cooking skills too! Whipping up, at times, weird concoctions but hey! It turned out alright! *grinning widely* How I wish weekends are longer, like 5 days, and weekdays are just 2 days. Ain’t that great? *wishful thinking*

See my bundle of cloths… accumulated through the years, waiting for me to sew… I wasn’t kidding ya


Some of the sewing which I managed to complete, wished I could do more before I start participating in bazaars again:

I guess as I grow older, I’m more easily contented. More to come, need to top up first though… zippers, ribbons, buttons…

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