Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday started on a happy note.

It then soured.

Thankfully it ended gratefully.

I was so happy to be back in the office this year. Goodbye KL! Goodbye customer! I thought it would have been permanent. How wrong I was! After 1 month and 1 week, I was told to go back to KL Sentral. It’s so unfair! I just couldn’t understand it! The reason was just too vague! To cut the story short, yes, he had paid the parking for the 1st quarter but it would have ended next month! Aaargh!!!

Deep breath… breath in… breath out… breath in… breath out… need to calm myself…

I was deep in thoughts while walking towards the Asia Jaya bus stop when I spotted a bus with the signage Section 14. I immediately ran to it and knocked on it’s door. Mind you, the bus was at the traffic light ya… bus driver was kind, telling me he’s not going that way but still asked me to board. I was stumped and just followed. You know what? The bus was heading to the Asia Jaya bus stop! Yay! Everyone un-boarded and bus driver told me to wait at the other side including waiving off my fair! Double yay! I was flabbergasted! I also saved 10 mins walk! Thank you Rapid KL bus driver (T608 @ 6.40pm)!!!

Thursday started with anger.

Ended with a happy feeling.

I had breakfast with Hubby before heading to the Putra LRT station. Had spicy nasi lemak and hot teh tarik… a hot, flaming morning! Anyway, at the LRT station, a woman asked for help with the new, unfriendly, ticket vending machine. As I was rushing, I apologized I can’t help her and rushed for work. While in the train, I felt so guilty for not helping her! Damn! I’m really sorry auntie!

Then, the day turned better, I had free lunch! Customer had a post-CNY lunch buffet so we had a tummy-filled lunch, burp!


Glad that the free lunch dawned like a good omen for me. My old partners-in-crime were happy that I’m back although I have a different task in hand, different job position. I guess, since without a choice, I would have to get on with it and just go with the flow. I’m also praying very hard that something BIG will bestow upon me and Hubby. *fingers crossed*

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