Monday, 27 February 2012

Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia

The news are abuzz with Lynas, every single day, in every single social media! I have actually never bothered about it until yesterday.

Well, I find reading our local politics heartsick! I had once read the Dewan Rakyat debate in The Star and it was all about polygamy. Yes, taxpayers are paying these ministers to debate and agree on polygamy. WTF! Ever since then, I have never bothered reading anything politically local.

Thanks to Kimberly, I have started taking note of this Lynas propaganda. Yes, me the obscure finally taking note of this particular news. I have read her blogpost yesterday and I immediately understood the seriousness of this issue. You can read her summarized news here.

I was appalled, annoyed and angry. Why Malaysia? Really, why Malaysia? I cannot understand why Lynas can’t do it in Australia. Come on, you have such a huge fucking desert in the North! Alice Springs is practically deserted so why not there? Why does Lynas has to pick Malaysia? Lynas kept assuring it is safe then why not in Australia? Why the Australian government doesn’t allow their radioactive waste to be disposed in Australia?

Now I’m worried for my Angel’s future. It could eventually be just like ‘Resident Evil’ with all those zombies lurking around! I’m so overwhelmed… speechless on what else to comment… better stop here or I could unintentionally offend others.

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