Friday, 17 February 2012

KFC chaos

The recent incident in KFC could be an isolated one but it proves to the world that the term ‘Customer is always right’ has no value whatsoever anymore. At one glance, it may looked like customers have no right to be served with respect nor dignity at all! It makes me wonder what do these workers learnt about Customer Service. I wonder if they had ever gone for training in the first place! Do they go for refresher courses yearly too? Including the managers?

On the other hand, was the customer being rude? Did the customer speak harshly to the workers? Well, after queuing for more than an hour with 0 chicken, I would have lashed out at the workers too. Come on! We are all human beings, not animals! Imagined if we had switched places, the workers would have felt the same anger brewing as the customer! I wonder how come the workers didn’t estimate the amount of chicken against the volume of customers. They don’t have such practice in place? If they had done that, they could have prevented such untoward incident in the first place. They could informed the customers beforehand. As such, the customers would not have queued for more than an hour. All this are ‘domino effect’ and ‘work smart’ lah!

Not only the workers, even the manager was to blame! Come on! Being in charge of the branch meaning you will have to face the music! Instead, he allowed the worker to lash out at the customer… he also avoided the customer… he even did not prevent his worker from bashing the customer! 

In my opinion, the person most responsible for this fracas is the manager in charge. In such environment, the manager should have met with the customer and calmed him down. Also perhaps try to find a way to compensate/ pacify the customer. This is all in his power to do so. He would have prevented all this from happening in the first place. It is his duty and responsibility. A responsible person would have responded and resolved the issue efficiently.

Well, this is just my opinion after reading the newspapers of the incident and am not aiming nor pointing fingers. I could be wrong as I wasn’t there to witness it. CCTV footage would definitely help as evidence of the incident and not the public’s recording as it may not have the front nor back footage. It could also be taken out of context. Lets hope KFC will resolve this amicably.

‘With great power comes great responsibility’

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