Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hubby’s birthday

As I ran out of ideas (and also $$$, sshhh) on what to get for Hubby, I’ve decided to cook some nice meals for his birthday ^.^ You all know I’m not a fantastic cook so I try my level best lah… to serve him nice dinners once he comes back from work ^.*

Pre-birthday dinner:

Took this pix mid-way through dinner, cabbage soup with ‘kong yui chi’, stir-fried pork with ‘mui choy’ and fried egg.

Birthday dinner:

Steamed cat fish with taucu and chinese cabbage soup.


Hubby also received a small cutesy cake from his colleague, Esther. So sweet of her ^.^

Post birthday dinner:

Stir-fried carrot, arrowroot and cuttlefish and ‘choy kuon’ soup. Hubby marinated and cooked wild boar meat with honey.

Hope he enjoyed my dishes. May this water dragon year brings lots of joy and laughter, loads of wealth and good health to him. Love ya…

Note: you can get my recipes here

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