Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sob! Sob!

Feeling melancholy now as we have just sent our Angels back to hometown, a darn short Chinese New Year celebration this time around. Definitely too short, just 4 days!, but we had no choice. Hubby has been coerced to start work tomorrow >.< Since I had nothing to do, I cut short my leave too, just to avoid staying home in the void environment... sob!
Princess: Mommy, after you left just now, I cried
Me: Why?
Princess: I missed you mah... I went to your bedroom and cried a bit. I just took Daddy's 'chow chow' and your pillow to sleep with tonight... your pillow is full of your hair smell!
Me: *tears welling up* oic... I missed you too...
Princess: I wished the holidays were longer! So missed you and Daddy!
Me: *sob caught in the throat*


Anonymous said...

OOhh my oohh my...!! Susan ur little princess really make me cried too after read her conversation with u..!! Sob Sob Sob... So sweet of her!!

Susan said...

Yes, so heart wrenching for me :-(


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