Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th

I had never believed this myth but I guess it’s proving me wrong as it’s not a good day today. I had food poisoning as early as 3.30am… groaning and tossing in pain… the damn tummy just wouldn’t stop fussing! Finally vomited… released the pent up dirt and virus but tummy was still sick with watery stool! Hubby had the same dinner as me except for our drinks but he’s fine… so it had to be my teh ais >.< Had to wait till 9am though when the clinic near my house finally opened… sigh! My dessert for today…


Tried sleeping to shake off the cold jittery, lethargic and nausea but phone calls kept interrupting my bliss… sigh! I’m just trying to catch my 40 winkers lah! Then I caught Minnie in the act… sleeping in an odd position! LOL!!! I was wide awake by then…


Anyway, I do hope I have enough strength and mentally ready to man the booth at the Summit Flea Market tomorrow… if not, mom will have to ‘jaga’ it for me ^.^

At times like this, I wished my Angels are here, comforting me… pampering me… missed their laughter, their wicket thoughts entertaining me… Tyger would have switched on the TV for me… Princess would have been busy nursing me…

Well, spoke to them just now and they had sort of healed me mentally *fingers crossed!*

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