Thursday, 5 January 2012

Angel’s school holiday break–part 2

After Christmas, everything mellowed down especially since the thought of school starting soon seemed to damper their mood. Tyger spent more time on the computer and Princess played with Minnie more. They finally rushed their school holiday’s homework during the last few days before school starts =.=

Some random yet memorable pix…

They loved Aunt Jo’s homemade toffee! Btw, bro Ryan helped her out during his stay at her London home ^.^ Totally yummylicious!

Blowing bubbles in the night…

Helping me and mom during the flea market @ Summit USJ:

Princess’ favourite shopping mall:

Sis, surprisingly Saraphina is still around! Princess still sayang her!

I just found out that she didn’t sleep well after we had left… she missed us so much! Totally <3 her!!! I haven’t had a good night sleep too… thoughts of them floundering in my mind… their antiques, laughter… I felt so blessed with them around. I can’t wait to have them over during the Chinese New Year in 2 weeks time ^.^

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