Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday mood

Having my Angels around somehow makes me feel complete. Listening to their laughter, bickering, fighting are like music to my ears. Tyger’s quiet antics, glued to the computer or TV. Princess’ chatty self, endless questions in mind. Minnie was totally excited upon seeing them… her playmates are back! No more lonely afternoons! LOL! Honestly, it was the best anniversary gift I could ever asked for… able to spend quality time with them *blissful sigh*! Both of them were also busy helping me sorting out my blogshop’s stocks! Future entrepreneur's in the making ^.*

On another note, I have made a stupid medical mistake.

“Beware, not for the male species”

Anyway, I have intended to stop taking my Marvelon pills once my period was over. However, I still had 3 balance due to forgetfulness thus prompting me to finish it after my period was over. BIG MISTAKE!!! My dearest ovary thought it was day ‘25’ onwards and my period came again *slaps forehead*! It was actually day 7 when period visited me again! Now I am totally weak and dizzy… feeling lethargic… sigh! How can I overcome this quickly? So totally regret it! Don’t ask me why I took those 3 pills… not sure what was going through my mind then. Ladies, do note ya… don’t repeat my silly mistake >.<

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