Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday flood

Finally, tonight we’ll be going back to see our dear Angels, after 2 long months! We’ll be back to KL tomorrow with them in tow during this school holiday until school reopens in January. I know Tyger is excited as he can’t wait to get his hands on the computer and Princess can’t wait to go to Toys R Us =.= They couldn’t join us earlier as Princess has tuition to go to and we also have other personal reasons to ponder on. Totally missed them max! Phone calls almost every night is never enough ppl!

Anyway, I had a horrific experience crossing the zebra crossing while our pedestrian traffic light was green last night. A group of us was reaching the end of the zebra crossing when suddenly a taxi just zoomed towards us and drove off!!! WTF!!! He nearly banged those at the front!!! He knew he was in the wrong as someone managed to knock his taxi but he ignored it and sped off =.= This happened at KL Sentral ya… do be careful when crossing the pedestrian or zebra crossings even though the pedestrian traffic light is green. These idiot bastards never learn their mistakes until it’s too late >.<

With the endless heavy rain in the afternoons lately, the latest flood fatality hits Kajang today. Pix taken from Facebook, shared by Legend Kitchen Cabinet’s Supplies:

Shared by Cow Zai, this one has an interesting guest but not sure how true it is (with photoshop tech nowadays):

Hope our journey back tonight will be a dry one... rain rain go away, come again another day... little Tyger and little Princess can't wait to see their Daddy and Mommy ^.^

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