Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I received a surprised early Christmas gift from Ann and Eric ^.^ It was thoughtful of them to get me this gift which was meant for Minnie, my dear doggy *grinning* Thanks so much and it’s really effective so far ^.*

Well, my dear Angels, every year without fail, will tahan to stay awake during the eve waiting for midnight to open their presents! They waited patiently in their pyjamas while watching a Christmas movie on 8tv. When it was time, we pretended not knowing and both of them were annoyed, kept probing and hinting until we allowed them to open their presents! LOL!

Anyway, Christmas day this year was different. We had our first ever Lee cousins gathering! I was kinda nervous as I haven’t seen them in a while, besides Facebook, and we have been distant, busy with our own lives. The dinner was hosted by Jennifer, as her house was the most spacious, with sumptuous spread of yummylicious food from fried rice to spaghettis to fried chicken… erm… actually the list was endless! We were filled to the brim! Angels totally enjoyed the bacon pie from Euro Deli which was perfection! My personal favourite was the durian cake from Hummingbird Cafe which was so fcuking perfect! Totally memorable including the price, RM200!!! Not forgetting the turkey which was good although Jennifer claimed it was a tad dry… it was fine actually. Loads of pix taken by our very own pro-photographer, Jino, which I’ve uploaded some memorable ones here. Unfortunately, 2 cousins can’t make it or else it would have been complete. It was the first time some of the children met each other so it was cool to have this gathering… bringing the family closer actually. I’m glad that this will now be an annual event so hope to carry it on as long as we can.

I just loved these pix! Traditional yet memorable! The 3rd generation:


The 2nd generation:


The Mrs Lee’s:


The husbands:


My mystery gift that I brought was picked by Jennifer herself!


The mystery gift we got in return, not sure from who:


The wonderful gifts and goodies we got:

Gifts from Sis for Tyger and Princess, she sure spoils them:

We had a wonderful time catching up over wines and keropoks… can’t wait for next year ^.^

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