Sunday, 27 November 2011

Melaka: day 2

My brain was so prompt, waking up at 6am, went to the toilet thrice (automatic detox) and totally awoke… can’t continue sleeping =.= So I might as well showered and relaxed watching the TV, enjoying the view from our level 13 unit and also the fresh, cool air.

Once everyone has woke up, we headed for breakfast at this famous Tanjung Mee Goreng. I didn’t realized that it’s so freaking spicy! I had tummy ache after that for the whole day =.=

After breakfast, we headed for the famous nyonya pastry shophouse. Everything looked so heavenly at Baba Charlie Nyonya Cakes!!! I wanted to tapau loads of nyonya kuih but it wasn’t convenient due to further travelling… worried that the heat in the car will spoil it instead.

Next, lunch at Donald and Lily’s. As tummy was not doing well, I just had the yummylicious cendol while watching my colleagues feasting on the laksa, asam fish and rojak which I did helped nibbling it ^.^

We went for a walk nearby the quayside. I was surprised so much has changed here… evolved and becoming like Singapore’s famous Clark Quay.

Finally, it started drizzling and it was time to go home. Whilst on the way to the toll exit, we saw this… LOL!!!

Upon reaching Seremban, we detoured to get some nice siew pau and tong sui. Lucky thing too as the traffic jam has started so we can use the alternative Lekas Highway back ^.^

Thank you, Patrick, for a wonderful trip. I had fun and enjoyed the awesome itinerary you had planned for us. Now I know more of Melaka and where to get the right, delicious food ^.* My yummylicious stash:

Overall, it was tiring and I totally felt lethargic especially since I had to take the public transport back to Hubby’s workplace with my heavy luggage in tow. Mind you, our public transport is a hassle as I had to take the Star LRT from Bukit Jalil to Masjid Jamek and then switch to Rapid KL LRT heading to Asia Jaya. Once there, had to take the Rapid KL bus to Section 14 =.= I had also brought the wrong type of luggage (Due to my own misunderstanding thinking I have transport back, not trying to be ungrateful ya), it was not easy holding on to my luggage and stash of food >.< I had aches all over for the next few days with callouses on my palm which was not pleasant. Lesson learnt, should either carry a backpack or not go if Hubby can’t collect me to avoid such sad closure.

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