Saturday, 26 November 2011

Melaka: day 1

Last weekend, we had a 2 days 1 night company trip to Melaka. It was our tour guide cum host cum organizer’s hometown hence the exciting and entertaining eating expedition! No kidding! My previous trips here were to visit all the tourists destinations but this time around it’s different. More of visit Patrick’s childhood and eat, eat, eat!!! Totally eat to glory!!!

I’ve decided to split it into 2 and post it as a photo-blog, easier and you know what they say… a picture speaks a thousand words…

After breakfast at Alison, Sri Petaling, we headed for Melaka. A little panic due to low fuel and got ourselves lost in Nilai, we finally reached Melaka in 1 piece. First stop was Patrick’s house but no photos here as I was rushing to the loo *blushing*

Second stop: Lunch… unfortunately I do not know where we were. We were supposed to have the famous chicken rice balls but alas… the rice balls have sold out so un-ball rice it was…

Third stop: Perigi Raja or better known as Perigi Hang Li Po. My first time here at Bukit Cina.

Fourth stop: You can never missed cendol (ice shaving dessert) in Melaka. Patrick brought us to this particular one next to the cemetery at Bukit Cina.


Fifth stop: Checked in to our apartment Garden City Strait Condo to drop off our luggage and freshen up.

Sixth stop: After freshening up, we headed into town, parked at Hatten Square and walked over to Nadeje Cafe! Yummylicious milli crepes and cheese cakes! Totally heavenly to the last bite!!!

Seventh stop: Believe it or not… dinner =.= The nyonya food here was good but their service was not on par. Some people even posted in Foursquare criticizing their poor service.

Eighth stop: Never missed a walk at Jonker Street but it’s a first for me to walk at night… usually here during the day. It was sooo crowded and hot!

Ninth stop: Finally, the ever so famous satay celup for supper!!! Patrick said this is the original, authentic satay celup restaurant.

Last stop, back to the condo! Tummy filled up to the brim! Feeling sweaty and sticky all over! Totally tired max with major backache! Had shower and headed straight to bed although my colleagues were busy playing Uno Stacko and Mahjong. Once in bed, I started feeling nostalgic… missing Hubby and Angels… sigh! In fact, Hubby felt the same too and started SMSing me! Believe it or not, our total SMS to each other whilst I was away was 212!!! Forgot to snap a pix before deleting it =.=

Next post, day 2 ^.^

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