Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wake up Maybank!

Been experiencing daily unpleasantry this week. Not sure if it's the weather or something else. Definitely looking forward to the weekend. Need a good rest... mentally and physically.

Today's unpleasant incident happened in a bank in KL Sentral during my lunch time. Went there to activate my dormant account. Once done, I wanted to create an Internet Banking for this account. The lady officer at counter 2 gave me a form to fill in and told me to queue at counter 5. There was only 3 person in front of me but it took ages to reach me. Upon reaching my turn, I explained to this lady officer again of my intention. After a few minutes, she realized something was wrong with my account. After checking with her colleague, she only realized it's dormant and can't proceed. How inconvenient! She has the cheek to tell me to come back tomorrow and unsincerely apologized. And I would have to queue again... WTF!

I was pissed because I had to waste an hour of my lunch time queuing and waiting. Also the lady at counter 2 knew it was dormant, why didn't she tell me to come back the next day? Why the lady at counter 5 had to sniggered at me and sounded sarcastic? This is not the first time I experienced such inefficiency with this bank... imagine different branches but with similar experience.

Definitely time to move on to other banks. They seemed to behave as though they are the only giant bank in Malaysia hence the attitude. Well, wake up! Sad to say... dulu lain, sekarang lain.


Michelle Chow LF said...

Malaysia Bank mah, what do you expect ??

Susan said...

True... any recommendation?

Ke-lik said...

hahaha! Mama Waye Juin Bank .... :P

Susan said...

Ya ya good suggestion ;-)


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