Monday, 10 October 2011

PUK code?!

On the spur of the moment, we decided to balik kampung last weekend since we have gotten car car back ^.^ Totally missed my Angels! Tyger’s hair was long… ala brush… needed a hair cut badly! Princess was as skinny as ever… always complaining of tummy aches! We also needed to replenish the kitchen… all the perishables and non-perishables were depleting fast! We preferred buying from kampung as it’s much, much cheaper and fresher compared to hypermarts. Honestly, kampung folks are honest people especially since everyone knows everybody. Furthermore MIL frequents them always so we always get the best ^.^ Of course, it’s best to buy non-perishables from hypermarts since they always have offers and promotions… no need to worry about quality too.

Anyway, back to Angels… spent quality time with them… nagging them… advising them… guiding them… LOL! Totally felt refreshed and stressed free! Until I woke up on Sunday morning with Princess poking my head ‘mommy, mommy’…

Me: *groggily woke up* huh?

Princess: mommy, please unlock your phone

Me: oh… *typing the pin no* eh why cannot one? *keyed in again*

To my utter horror, it’s requesting for PUK code! OMG! My eyes immediately opened widely… in fact, I was wide awake by then!

Me: princess, how many times did you try keying in the pin no?

Princess: errr… dunno… gor gor also tried but cannot…

Me: *slaps forehead*

I knew it was easy to just obtain the PUK code to unlock it but I had to teach them a lesson. So I told them I’ll be charged RM50 for unlocking it. Yes, had to tell a little white lie plus some explaining on the importance of waking mommy or daddy up instead of trying their luck ^.* You know what? In my 15 years of using a mobile phone, I have never experienced this =.= They broke my record! Well, there’s always a first for anything since they are unpredictable. Kids… we were once there before ^.^ Looking back, I find it funny… their guilt-ridden face… their relieved expressions when it was unlocked! LOL! It was memorable… priceless…

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