Sunday, 30 October 2011

MPOV: Penang Nyonya


A forgotten post! Just found this pix secluded in my memory card =.=

Took lunch here somewhere in August o.O ya… it was that long! Ordered this Vietnam Fried Rice and Teh Tarik. The staff here was kinda laid back… another words slow… not sure if they were under-staffed or just plain slow as there wasn’t many customers. My order took awhile to reach me, thankfully drink was pleasant… not too sweet and food looked good with a simple display. Taste wise it was quite spicy so I couldn’t taste much of anything else.

Overall, with a comfortable ambiance, you would have chatted more if you had company and not have noticed your food nor service. It’s like the usual kopitiam with a little nyonya and more of fusion fare. If you are looking for something simple to fuel up your tummy, this is a place to go to.

Point to note: beware of the kuih muih as it could have been stale. I bought onde onde to go… when I wanted to eat it, after 10 mins later, it was stale… sigh! I wonder how long it has been sitting at the cashier counter >.<

Total price including my spoilt onde onde was RM 15.30 with 10% service charge. Quite pricey especially for the drink (RM3.80) and kuih (RM2.20) where it could have costs only RM2 and RM1 respectively from outside. I was annoyed at first on the service charge but thankfully the staffs were courteous and friendly so it kinda made up for their slowness.

Location: LG floor, facing Chatime and Big Apple, Subang Parade

6 thumbs up out of 10

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